Thursday, March 16, 2017

And we're a herd of turtles

Is a group of turtles a herd? Doubtful. Whatever. We're going with it.

As you may or may not recall, in the last few months, I had a baby (!!!), Lewis switched jobs, and we moved. Since then, Lewis has been plugging away at a job he LOVES thank goodness!! and I have been keeping myself and a tiny human alive. We love it and are exhausted and happy and frustrated and every emotion in between. I actually have a whole backlog of blog posts currently labeled "draft" expounding on this feeling but let's just sum it up as: In Which We Learn To Parent and move on. Something will happen and I'll think, "Hm, that would make a good blog post," (for example - the appropriate timeline to try on pre-pregnancy pants. NB: it's not 4 weeks postpartum) but then lose steam because I feel all this pressure on myself to start the blog back up into high gear and I just can't add another "to do" to my life. But I think I can handle the sporadic blog post. So, I may not be back with any regularity but I would like to cast my thoughts into internetland and see what comes back sometimes slash also have another outlet for my thoughts besides to Lewis. Bless him. He hears it all. (And now you might too woohoo!!! *kidding, I won't subject you to that*)

And with that giant intro, I got...nothing. Haha. Life is sweet and hard and brutal and I think I wanted to quickly word vomit before Samuel wakes up from a nap that is going WAY WAY longer than expected - so far, a whole 50 minutes!!!! Is he ill? What is happening. Sam is a CRAP napper. Yesterday, his afternoon nap was a whopping 18 minutes. Cue the tears. I had a beer at about 4pm. So this is amazing and perhaps I should take advantage by showering (oh, how the highlights of my day have changed since becoming a momma). And so, I shall leave you with the last few photos I've taken recently which should give you a peek into what my days consist of...

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