Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day (or, not yet, thank god)

Good morning! We are back from Steamboat where we spent Labor Day weekend and it was both glorious and exhausting. I am struuuugling on the couch today (as in, have eaten two poptarts and watched four episodes of Friday Night Lights). Before Lewis left for work this morning, he asked what my plan was for the day to which I replied, "Uhhhh..." So yeah. I'm writing this in my bathrobe.

Officially 35 weeks + 1 day preggo and still feeling gargantuan, but not any more than the last two weeks or so. My waddle is slightly more pronounced and I discovered my first real stretch marks under my belly so cue all the crying emojis :((((( It is entirely possible they've been there for weeks and I just haven't noticed since I can't actually see the underside of my belly without contortions OR alternatively Baby C is packing on the pounds these days and is preparing for his grand entrance at a whopping 8-9lbs. OR, I guess both of those could be true. Le sigh.

Other exciting news around here includes a 2pm daily nap and passing out no later than 10:30 every night AKA "In which Paige attempts to stock up on sleep before she has a newborn but really only succeeds for sleeping for an hour at a time." Sleeping is NOT GOOD these days. Actually, it straight up sucks. Why I did not buy a body pillow from day 1 is beyond me. NEVER AGAIN. Last night, while bemoaning this decidedly mostly minor problem, I reassured myself/Lewis that there will again be a night in which I sleep 10 hours straight! (But alas, I know this realistically is like 20 years away because kids).

Thankfully, we had an awesome time in the Boat over the weekend, spending time with some of Lewis's family and ordering room service from the hotel (be still my heart). The weather was PERFECT and it just smelled good and felt good and was good. Driving back into the city was so very depressing in comparison to the clean mountain air and sunshine we basked in for days.

But the good news is that we are now here (in Denver/at home) until the baby arrives!! The countdown is real. It's very weird to me that he could arrive in anywhere from 2 to 7 weeks... So, just in case it's sooner rather than later, this week/weekend is going to include putting the car seat in the car, packing hospital bags, maybe buying some shelving (we are seriously lacking space and need to utilize some wall space I think), and semi-reconfiguring the bedroom to accommodate a bassinet + more baby stuff. Perhaps I'll share our "nursery" soon :) and you can see for yourself how ready we are! To be honest, our hearts are completely ready and I can't wait!! But my brain feels 1000000% unprepared, overwhelmed, and a little freaked out by what is coming (both the actual birth itself AND you know, the next forever years with this person in our lives). So please send some good thoughts and prayers our way as Paige nests nests nests and flags pages in multiple baby books for Lewis to read!

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