Thursday, September 15, 2016

A day in the life of a sick pregnant woman

This is bound to be a boring post, as I have zero plans to leave the house and have virtually nothing to do. But I am bored, so join me in the boredom of today.

Background: 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Sore throat started on Sunday. Monday added a little achy-ness and that underwater feeling. Yesterday transformed into a full-blown head cold with sore throat, raspy cough, chills, and runny nose. Today so far = runny nose, sore throat, little less headache.

7:50am: Open eyeballs. Notice is Lewis rolled away from me but I can see the glow of his phone, so he's awake.

7:52am: I'm hot. Pull down comforter (we've recently switched to the European style of JUST a duvet + cover, no top sheet. Mostly loving it). Pillow between my legs is approximately 100 degrees. Throw it on the floor.

7:53am: Baby starts moving around. Gets the hiccups. Hears Lewis say something and kicks a bunch.

7:55am: Check phone to see if plans have changed for today. They have. (I was supposed to be meeting a friend + two babies for coffee - my first PSL of the season!! - but I texted her last night about my sickness and offered that we could reschedule in case she didn't want me infecting those tiny immune systems. I just know that I would appreciate the heads up from a sick friend when Baby C arrives! She agrees we should reschedule.)

8:17am: Roll into Lewis's back and see if he's making moves to get out of bed yet. Barely. My head hurts.

8:20am: Lewis departs the bed. I scroll through Facebook on my phone. I've missed nothing in the last 10 hours.

8:34am: Discuss Lewis's outfit from bed. Suggest he could compromise seasons and wear shorts + a long-sleeved flannel? He puts it on but decides he'd just rather wear jeans. Changes into jeans. My arms and hips are starting to hurt from rolling around. Wish for the millionth time that I could lay on my back for an extended period of time. Baby still kicking.

8:36am: Hear Lewis making a bagel and decide to get up to make his tea. Roll my giant self out of bed and into sweatpants. Shuffle into kitchen, drink a huge glass of water, make Lewis's tea (aka pour hot water with a tea bag into a to-go mug).

8:40am: Hug and kiss Lewis goodbye. Realize I am starving.

9ish: Make a giant bowl of oatmeal (2 persons worth). Cut up a banana in a bowl, add a scoop of peanut butter, cinnamon and a tiny bit of sugar - ate way too much sugar yesterday, need to cut back today. (Sidenote: I gained a whopping FIVE pounds between my last two doctor's appointments....which were only 2 weeks apart. Oops. I'm sure the baby didn't gain 5lbs in two weeks, so get it together Paige.)

9:15am: Eat giant bowl of oatmeal, orange juice, tea. Decide to write this post. Document this moment for eternity.
9:27am: (The time is now! Will update once more "exciting activities" have happened.)

------- all right. what has happened in this dramatic day -----

9:27am - 10:30ish: Browse the internet at the kitchen table. In the past, whenever I ate home alone, I'd usually eat on the couch or in a chair, watching tv or reading or whatever. But thanks to the enormous protrusion that is my child, eating at a table while seated is the preferred eating set-up. Weird how tables are good at that right? (Ugh. That was the most pointless/boring paragraph ever. Anyways).

Curious about what internet sites I check? Of course you are. My daily reads are Yahoo, Cup of Jo, Emily Henderson, and a whole other smorgasbord of stuff. And (really, full disclosure...) my newest obsession - this is so embarrassing - is reddit. I actually love it, especially this subreddit. (For example, a gem from this little collective and in light of eating a million cupcakes last week, this made me laugh.) I'm also loving the subreddits on legal advice and personal finance (when I told Lewis this, he asked if I was worried about some future disaster - for the record, I am not.)

Also, text Lewis a picture of this cute baby that almost made me tear up. Pray our child is cute.

10:31am: Clean up kitchen and load dishwasher. Decide to clean the sink. Rinse, sprinkle probably way too much Comet all over it. Let it sit. Decide to do laundry.

10:40am: Cut little tags off new clothes to be washed. Last night, we went to Target (my only outdoors expedition of the day which ended up totally exhausting me).

A friend sent me a Target gift card (yayyyy!!!) and so I decided to spend it on ME and not the baby. So selfish. Don't care. All the hospital packing lists say to bring a robe.... I own a nice, warm, fuzzy robe with WHITE stripes that didn't seem like it'd be the best choice for a hospital. SO off to Target to buy another one (also, because I love robes and am certain I'd use two. I anticipate this happening: wear one, get peed/puked/spit-up on, throw in wash, put on clean robe! Win!). Found a purple robe on sale! So that's in the wash. How exciting! *eye roll*

10:43am: Start laundry. Spray a shirt of Lewis's that had a stain the back of it (wtf?? how??).

10:45am: Scrub sink.

10:47am: Make tea. Reuse tea leaves. Hope it turns amber enough to not just be hot water.

10:50am: Rinse sink.

10:55am: Get back in bed with laptop, clipboard, pen, birthday card to be written, phone, and tea. Current position:

11:00am: Poke baby a bunch and wake him up. Oops. There's a butt in my ribs. It feels like this is living in my abdomen. Text Lewis.

11:02am: Keep writing blog. Document exciting moments. This is literally me right now.
11:23am: Decide to do these things while in bed and maybe before Lewis comes from for lunch:

  • finish birth plan
  • finish our wills and advanced directives and powers of attorney
    • ** We don't have any of these and my little lawyer brain is all "But what if you both die in a freak accident????? Or if you die in childbirth and Lewis/my parents disagree on something??? Or [insert a million worse case scenarios, all of which involve death.]" Thank god I'm a lawyer and can cheaply (lol - fo free!) make up some simple stuff for us until we bite the bullet and hire someone or I do a proper job of it later. But at 36 weeks preggo, simple will have to suffice.
  • write birthday card
  • I'm sure there will be some facebooking in here.
  • find the delicate balance of drinking all the tea and not having to pee every 5 minutes
----------- it's now 2:25pm! -----------

11:30ish - 12:30ish: Facebook, tea, playing with the baby (push on a limb, watch him squirm! it's so weird/awesome). Finally got around to finishing up our birth plan. The quick summary of this is: Mom and Baby are both alive and well. Some small preferences for stuff like "in the event of eminent death, please call a priest." Nbd.

12:35pm: Lewis comes home for lunch.

12:36pm: Chat about a whole bunch of emails. I switch the laundry to the dryer. He puts lunch together. Talk talk talk, Paige cough cough coughs.

1:05pm: Lewis leaves. I heat up soup for lunch and slather a biscuit with butter. Baby is asleep. Nice break from the constant rocking.

1:15pm: My mom calls to talk about The Plan when the baby is born. Should she come when he's born? After? Soonish? Fly? Drive? So many questions! We discuss options, I say I'll talk to Lewis and will get back to her. Also talk about Christmas gifts for this year and my doctor's appointment on Monday. I eat soup during this phone call, shocking both her and myself (I generally do not like soup).

1:30-2:00pm: Finish eating, leave dishes in the sink, mess around on the internet. Boil more water for tea.

2:01pm: Eat three mini frozenYork Peppermint Patties. Make tea.

2:06pm: Get back in bed with tea.

2:07pm: Browse the internet..... avoid finishing legal documents. Think about life plans, baby coming, having to move (our lease is up at the end of November) and where we'll move...

2:10pm-2:20pm: Text Lewis. Get distracted by Instagram. Contemplate getting more peppermint patties and tea. Baby wakes up when I start pushing on him. Also maybe because of sugar.

2:25pm: Update looooooong post that is interesting to probs no one haha.


2:30pm-4:00pm: Sit around, try to rest, feel like crap, browse Zillow for reasonable, two-bedroom rentals and get stressed by $$ and very few viable places.

4:01pm: Eat two more peppermint patties. Put on real clothes and shoes.

4:11pm: Leave the apartment.

4:12pm-4:40pm: Walk around the block in the semi-rain. Talk to my dad on the phone.
4:42pm: Start making dinner (baked salmon with dill sauce, couscous, spinach salad with walnuts and feta).

5:10pm: Lewis comes home, wait around for salmon to finish cooking. Talk about our boring days.

5:25pm: We finally sit down to eat and exchange a grand total of 20 words while scarfing down food because we have to leave at 5:35 for our second birthing class.

5:40pm: Actually leave the house with our birthing book, a blanket and pillow, all of which we have been instructed to bring for this class.

6:00pm sharp: Park in the hospital parking lot and quick waddle our (my) way into the hospital, up the stairs, down the hall and into our classroom at 6:05pm - we aren't the last people there! Win!

6:06pm-9:00pm: Learn alllllll about epidurals, c-sections, vaccum/forceps, nitrous oxide, etc. etc. Get excited to try all the things. Get freaked out by the helpful animation of what happens in a c-section (they separate your abdominal muscles by hand ...!!!)

9:30pm: Finally home. Exhausted. Eat a bagel with cream cheese, chai tea with milk, and two more peppermint patties. Watch an episode of "Undercover Boss" with Lewis.

11:20ish: In bed! Lights off! But as per pregnancy, I am not tired but am instead restless, itchy, and wide awake. So, I roll over and whisper to Lewis, "I'm going to take a bath!" He mumbles back that he loves me and rolls over.

11:30pm: I take a bath. Almost fall asleep. Drag myself out of the tub and straight into bed. SLEEP.

The end.

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