Friday, July 15, 2016

The end of the second trimester

Hello, internet world! Reporting from 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Coincidentally, the last time I posted anything was the last time I wrote in my pregnancy journal (a spiral notebook from the dollar bins at Target). So, to catch us all up, here's what I wrote this morning in it, aka a "the last 6 weeks" update to the baby:

27 weeks, 4 days......July 15 

It's been so long since I've recorded anything! Some updates: 

- have been feeling you kick ALL the time, several times per day 
- your favorite times to kick & be very awake are early in the morning (like, 5am) or late at night (10-11pm). It makes me think you're probably awake while I'm sleeping...your kicking doesn't wake me up (yet) but every time I wake up in the middle of the night, you wake up too and start squirming around and kicking (so then I have a hard time falling back to sleep). 

Intermission true story time: I woke up at 5:20am today for this exact reason. What the what.

- I noticed a few weeks ago that I could feel your little body and push on you! You hate this (haha) and either stop kicking/moving entirely or kick back really hard! 
- at around 23-24 weeks, your kicking and moving was strong enough to be seen from the outside! That's been really cool - that I can just look down and see you moving. 
- it's been super hot in Denver so I've had a lot of swelling in my hands (especially) and my feet. I can't wear any of my rings :( It's pretty uncomfortable. 

- My appetite really ramped up around 22 weeks - I could eat huge meals and still feel hungry and need to eat all the time! Like this: 

*sometimes I'd wake up around 6 am hungry...
9 am - breakfast 
10:30am - snack
12:30pm - lunch 
2:00pm - snack 
4:00pm - snack
6:00pm - dinner 
8 pm - snack 
10 pm - snack 

But it's recently (this week) decreased a little bit. Who knows. 

- Energy levels between 21-26 weeks were awesome and I felt super good every day! Sleep was easy, everything tasted good, I felt really good. This week has been a little more uncomfortable (feet, hips, and especially my lower back...) and I'm a little more tired than usual. The peak of pregnancy may have passed :( but I hope not! It could also just be the heat. 

Other practical things: 

- signed up for birthing classes in September! We'll be cutting it close to the due date so here's hoping you don't come too early! 
- going to meet pediatricians next week 
- pre-registered at the hospital this week 
- am starting to think about what to pack in our hospital bags (oh! We had a baby shower! And got tons of stuff! :)) 
- I bought you two potential "going home" outfits this week! :) The first thing I've bought and picked out for you! Also bought a baby book and started to fill it out. 
- FINALLY, over July 4th weekend, Daddy and I talked about your name! Our top contenders are: 
_____________ & ______________ (if you were a girl, we liked Charlotte, Clare, and Fiona).

I don't think we'll decide on a name until you're born :) 

[And in case you, dearest reader, think we are going to reveal those names, think again! Haha!

We're - I'm - reaching the point in pregnancy where I get a looooootttt of opinions on everything under the sun and so I'm filtering out 99% of it... it's getting tougher to be gracious about why we should/shouldn't do X or whether you like a name we've chosen. SO, the name(s) is under wraps until he's born, at which point we'll say "Welcome to the world Blah-Blah-Blah" and everyone will go "Oh we love it/him/the name/everything!!!!!" which is the perfect response.]

No cravings (fruit and vegetables maybe?) Beef is still gross but not vomit-inducing. 

Every day that passes only increases my excitement to meet you!! We love you so so much already and talk about you all the time!