Monday, June 6, 2016

A Half-Way Bumpdate

You saw it from the inside in this post, but want to see it from the outside?? :)

9 weeks!

13 weeks. A super attractive selfie while cleaning :) 

15 weeks!

16 - 17 weeks, I think? :)

19 weeks! I really "popped" around 18 weeks :)

20 weeks!

21 weeks - last weekend at the park :)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Good things happening

Happy Fri-yay! Have you had a good week? This week FLEW by for us, probably because the week before was soooo incredibly long and tedious (slash, this week was only 4 days also). We did approximately a million chores last week so these last few days have been a little more relaxed, as if Paige deserved more down time with her zero obligations that keep her "busy" during the days.

Some quick updates in everyone's favorite reading format: lists.

1. Baby Moo is kicking SO much these days and I absolutely love it. It's so reassuring that baby's kicking it (lol) happily in there and growing and not squished all the time. [At our last ultrasound, it was discovered that my uterine walls are nice and tight aka the poor thing was curled in teeny ball! Sorry, bebe. I assure you this did not mean I had wonderful abs pre-pregnancy - ha!]
2. We went to Vail last weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (3 years together!) and it was great! Not long enough (is it ever?) and we totally needed 2 more nights. We walked around, ate lots of decent food, and spent lots of time at the pool and FOUR hot tubs. Lewis "Hot Tub King" Cutter was in heaven. I do have a confession though: I was sort of underwhelmed by Vail. People had just been telling me, "Vail is so beautiful! Ritzy! Fancy! Gorgeous! etc etc etc." and I actually found it to be sort of "Meh." Sorry, Coloradans!! It was fine but the restaurants didn't blow me away and the views and mountains weren't THAT impressive. I know I'm spoiled - the Canadian Rockies are just stunning and nothing will ever compare. I mean, this (which is an option for like every credit card ever) is within a days drive in Banff from home:
So Vail is okay but I mean, c'mon. The best part was just being with Lewis and staying in a nice hotel! Thank you, Groupon.

3. Relatedly, I'm going home next week for a whopping two weeks and I CAN'T WAIT! Family time, games, seeing friends, a baby shower, and just generally chilling is all on the agenda. I can't wait to see these faces!!
Before I leave, this weekend we are going to:
>> a beautiful, new-to-me park that people have seriously talked down (Wash Park, where have you been all my life??)
>> walk thru Whole Foods and probably buy nothing because we can afford virtually nothing there (I went for the first time yesterday and HELLO this is fanciest grocery store I have ever been in and I want to show Lewis)
>> Mass! 
>> hopefully see some new friends :))
>> spend 95% of our time outside since Denver has decided to grace us with amazing weather. 

Have a great weekend!