Monday, January 4, 2016

NYE! // a brief update

Hello 2016! We just got back from visiting the in-laws & siblings-in-law. As per most vacations, it was much too short, didn't play nearly enough board games, and got two GREAT nights of sleep. (Thank you, hot tubs.) 

Our actual New Year's Eve was spent at home with family and friends (no surge-charged Ubers for us! Did you see this? Cray.) My father-in-law graciously provided several delicious bottles of champagne to enjoy while we watched Anderson Cooper re-played for our time zone and played Head's Up, the most hilarious party game ever. Beyond the excitement/exhaustion of that night - and 8:30am Mass the next day WHYY - we really just lazed around and it was heaven. To top it all off, on the way home, we finished up Serial (I know, we are so behind) and debated whether he REALLY did it or not. We don't think Jay did it. Or Don. Maybe random other person? Either way, I found this fascinating. We also started Season 2, but so far, I'm not as hooked. Although, I could honestly just listen to Sarah talk about her favorite brand of toothpaste.

I wanted to follow up my last post and maybe clarify a bit.

Immediately after posting it last week, Lewis texted me and said, "Are you okay? Do you feel like I made you move here? Your post was so sad!" Fear not, husband. To me, we have a BEAUTIFUL life, which I absolutely love and am on board with. I am healthy and loved by a wonderful family (two of them!) and married to the best guy ever and have the luxury of looking for a job slowly and I certainly do not have ANY issues compared to many, many people in the world and I don't want to minimize this. I guess I'm just....lonely. Just exactly what I said. Not really super sad or disappointed or regretting anything. I didn't mean it to be a cry for sympathy or "boo-hoo poor me" (HA!). More just a recognition of what I'm feeling and trying to be okay with that.

On the other hand, I don't think I'm alone in feeling a bit forlorn at this point in my life. Married (but without kids), in a new city and trying to make friends, career change, trying to know thyself, etc. etc. Mostly, I just don't think what I'm feeling is anything new or extraordinary. In fact, I think it's rather ordinary. Right after I wrote the last/first post, one of my dearest friends, K, texted me and said: 

Oh man, I love your blog!!! I love blogs, and I love you, and so I think this will be a winning combo. 

But it made me so sad too! I know what you mean about feeling lonely. and I'm sure you are 50000x lonelier than me because I drive home every weekend basically. I met [a mutual friend] up in Tacoma for drinks last night, and it was SO GOOD to have one friend again for a little bit. We both talked about how all we do when not at work is sit at home and watch Netflix, ugh. It sucks so much. I wish everywhere were closer to everywhere else, and we could just hang out on random weeknights whenever we want! Sadly no.

I totally 100% agree. I spend an inordinate, embarrassing amount of time bonding with Netflix right now (would love new suggestions for shows! Will happily share my favs). I mean, how does one go about meeting people in a giant city when you're (a) not in school and (b) don't have kids. The people I have met so far include: 

- Lewis's co-workers
- people I ruthlessly pursue to have coffee with in hopes that one of these people give me a job (aka "networking")
- our parish priest

Exactly zero of these people want to go to IKEA with me.

Despite my desire for a shopping/pedicure/Downton-Abbey-watching companion, I am very, very grateful and pleased to be in a new city and with lots of free time. My "plan" for the present future includes this ye-old blog, maybe a sewing class?!, and perhaps joining one of these (Jenny's suggestion!). Stay tuned to hear next time about my "plan" for the job search. Happy Monday everyone!

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