Thursday, December 31, 2015

A very good place to start

Almost a new year...the last day of 2015! This morning, Lewis asked me, "Can you believe it's December 31?" No, I cannot. Mostly because today hardly feels like any other day (as all my days do right now), although that's not quite true, because we're going to see the in-laws and in-siblings today. I am particularly excited to see T, my sister-in-law, who's recently (yesterday) moved back from a three year stint in Peru. Beyond her natural charms and incredible niceness, I am looking forward to her return for several reasons:

1. I am lonely. Gosh, even just typing those words is embarrassing. I don't know if I've ever been lonely in my life! (No, no. Not true. College. More on that at a future date.) I am so anxious to have a friend nearby. Coincidentally, this is one primary motivation for this blog: to stay in touch with friends so far away and feel a little less lonely. It's strange to not have any friends in this new city and I've been feeling a little forlorn.

2. Female companionship. T's been gone for three years. Granted, I have only known her for 1.5 of those years, but the time we have spent together has always been so nice! AND I am wondering if perhaps she might be feeling a little forlorn herself and maybe we could help each other out? I am dearly missing spending time with other women. While Lewis will always be my favorite human being, he can't replace female bonding time. My current situation is this: Mother and sisters in another country, one best friend in Washington, two more in said other country, and myself in a city I had visited once (and even then, not under ideal circumstances...) before moving here. At yet another networking coffee yesterday, the person I was with remarked, "You moved here sight unseen?!" Yes. That is exactly what we did. What. Were. We. Thinking.

I'm sure it promises to be a great adventure - or so I keep telling myself - but until then, I need something to occupy my time beyond the dreaded and necessary job search. For Christmas, my momma gave me a book called The Happiness Project. (I wonder if it's a hint.) In the book, the author, a former lawyer, details her year-long experiment to "become happier." At least, that's what I've gathered from the first 30 pages. Somewhat inspired by her year-long journey, I thought perhaps this space might be an interesting place to detail 2016, in addition to the stay-connected-with-women goal. If the next year is anything like the past one has been, it's going to be life changing.

As we wrote in our Christmas cards this year, last year: I graduated from law school, we got married, I studied for and subsequently passed the bar exam, Lewis was offered a new job and quit his old one, and we moved to a brand-new city with no friends (or, very few). A few other significant things happened, but I'm not sure I'll share all those details here. We'll see.

If nothing else, perhaps this will result in new friends in town, or a reconnection with old friends, or even just a maintained connection with current ones! I plan on chronicling the banal, exciting, normal events of my life as it is right now: in a brand new city with no friends, no job, one husband, and lots of student loans. Sounds exciting, right? ;)